Liposuction (Fat Removal)

Liposuction (Fat Removal) in Istanbul

A small tube is placed into the region via a few small incisions. Through this device, fat cells are removed from the body by vacuum or injection as required. Liposuction helps correct undesired body contours, targeting areas of stubborn and hard to reach fat which cannot be taken care of through exercise and diet alone. This procedure, however, is not designed for weight loss; it merely serves to improve shape and silhouette. A liquid injection is used to inflate the stubborn fat area in liposuction surgery. Afterwards, a tiny tube is inserted through small incisions into the area; then the fat can be suctioned out of the body with it. Once the area is marked, a few millimeters of incision are made and a cannula inserted to extract the fat from the body. This can be done without general anesthesia if desired.

Quick Facts

Avarage Length of Stay : 1-2 Hour
Anesthesia : Local Anesthesia - General Anesthesia
Techniques : Closed
Net Result : 6 Months

Liposuction (Fat Removal) Steps

Benefits of Liposuction

No matter how on track you are with your diet and exercise plan, some fat deposits can still be an issue. This can affect your overall satisfaction with life and make it difficult to reach your wellness goals. If you have already explored all other options and the fat persists, liposuction may be something to think about. It's a reliable method of eradicating stubborn fat from areas like the chin. Dropping weight alone isn't always effective when it comes to the chin area, but liposuction can take care of the issue quickly and effectively. Stomach liposuction can provide a definitive solution to those who cannot seem to reduce excess fat in the upper abdomen. Additionally, it may be beneficial for those with issues in their midsection as well as underarm fat. Not only can this procedure improve one's appearance but also their overall quality of life.

Before and After Liposuction

Liposuction can be a life-changer for those who aren't seeing the results they want from their diet and exercise routine. Many find that post-procedure, it boosts their self-confidence and helps them to overcome those stubborn areas of fat that tend to linger. Common areas, such as your arms, are good candidates for such treatments and even back fat deposits can be addressed successfully. Regular physical activity and dietary alterations can sometimes be inadequate, so liposuction of the upper back could provide the answer. Many people choose to consider thigh liposuction, as it has had a greatly beneficial effect on their aesthetic appearance. Although it can be life-changing in a very positive way, cost is always something to bear in mind.

Resuls of Liposuction

Liposuction removes most of the extra fat, making a more slender and toned body. Unfortunately, without a good diet, the fat can return in other places. It is recommended to be at least 30% above your target weight for liposuction to be viable. Sticking with healthy practices after the procedure is essential for long-lasting outcomes.

Liposuction Prices

There is a great deal of fascination concerning liposuction as it eliminates the hindrances you have on your way to achieving your desired body. It's no wonder why that the phrase,"how much does liposuction cost?" is often typed into search engines. The answer to this query fluctuates. However, it's imperative to select surgeons who are professionals in their field and prioritize health above all else. Many individuals have looked into Turkey for their liposuction needs since there are numerous surgeons who specialize in cosmetic and surgical operations here.

What is Liposuction Surgery?

A liposuction procedure calls for removing fat cells from certain areas of the body by vacuuming or injecting them.

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