Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile, or Smile Design, is an ideal solution for those who suffer from smile-related discomfort. It covers a variety of surgical and cosmetic treatments for the teeth, gums, and surrounding area including tooth loss, misalignment, gaps between teeth, gingival issues, excessive tooth length, discolored teeth, or problems with the compatibility of teeth and gum line.

How to Make Hollywood Smile / Smile Design?

To create a Hollywood Smile or Smile Design, the person's oral structure and dental health must first be assessed. Depending on their facial line, gender, age or appearance they want to achieve, the process behind it is determined. Caries in teeth, gum diseases and teeth cleaning are some of the treatments a dentist may carry out before proceeding with the planned design. This could involve gum aesthetics, whitening of teeth, implants, veneers or orthodontic treatments for restoring a fully functioning smile. Similarly, prosthetics may be used to replace any missing teeth while fillings can be implemented into lips if necessary.

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