Health Tourism

As medical tourism in Turkey has grown, the number of visitors coming for treatment has seen an incredible increase over the last 10 years. In 2008, around 100,000 people made their way to Turkey; but by 2021, this is predicted to reach 1.5 million. The cause of this spectacular growth is clear: treatments are more affordable and the wait times much shorter than in Europe and the US - plus there's a large variety of facilities on offer. In comparison with other countries, some Turkish surgeries can be accessed at up to 90% less cost. Most visitors come to Turkey from Europe, the Gulf States, Russia and Turkic Republics. Istanbul, Antalya and Ankara stand out as the country's preferred tourist spots. Turkey's health tourism industry is rated third globally after the US and South Korea, with a goal of welcoming 2 million travelers not too long ago.

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