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Dental Veneers in Istanbul

When it comes to enhancing dental aesthetics, laminated veneers are a great solution to correcting deformities and discoloration. While other treatments may involve a bit of tooth reduction, this method will not cause losing too much enamel. If whitening treatments did not reach your expectations, you may want to try going through the process of veneers instead. For one's overall health and wellbeing, having strong teeth structure is fundamental, and this type of intervention provides the perfect harmony between what you desire for the perfect smile and excellent oral health.

Quick Facts

Avarage Length of Stay : 1-2 Hour
Anesthesia : Local Anesthesia
Techniques : Closed
Net Result : 2 Week

Dental Veneers Steps

Lamina Dental Treatment Process

At Metropolmed, we offer a laminated veneer procedure with multiple straightforward steps. Preliminary to the treatment, jaw measurements are taken and you decide on the hue of your smile. Then, we do a simulation to make sure the new teeth look precisely as you envisioned them, allowing us to eliminate any undesirable appearances and giving you the perfect smile you've always desired. Lastly, our expert medical team specially crafts major porcelains for your teeth so that you can have them immediately!

Laminated Veneers in Turkey

The significance of selecting a reliable center for laminate veneer procedures cannot be overestimated. These treatments offer the bonus of promoting a healthy mouth and teeth, usually over the span of two to three sessions.

When opting for an aesthetic center, it is essential to ensure that the staff and service are of a satisfactory standard. Turkey has become a desirable destination for oral and dental aesthetics, and many who have visited there have reported positive feedback from their experiences. It is not sufficient to only have a successful operation; you also need to feel comfortable throughout the process. Metropolmed stands out in Turkey due to its reputable doctors providing outstanding laminate veneers.

Laminating Cost 2021

Metropolmed offers an experienced team and cost-effective options for diverse patients. Laminated veneer teeth offer a dazzling smile which appears healthy even over short durations. These are not only long-lasting but the procedure is also simple and virtually painless, making it a desirable choice among many individuals. The affordability of such treatment, which has strong connections with one's physical look as well as dental wellbeing, makes it all the more attractive. With perfect smiles available and attainable at reasonable prices, you will be delighted with your new look!

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