Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction in Istanbul

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most requested procedures today, due to its dual purpose of providing both aesthetic appeal and medical relief. People opt for the procedure not only to achieve a more balanced and symmetric appearance, but also to rid themselves of chronic back and shoulder pain caused by their natural size. Having this operation can improve your physical and psychological health, as it allows you to be more comfortable in the long run. Too heavy breasts can lead to hunched backs.

Quick Facts

Avarage Length of Stay : 1-2 Hour
Anesthesia : Local Anesthesia - General Anesthesia
Techniques : Closed
Net Result : 6 Months

Breast Reduction Steps

Benefits of Breast Reduction

As a result, you will benefit from a more balanced, proportioned upper body. Subsequently, the ability to wear clothes more comfortably can positively boost your self-confidence due to an aesthetic symmetry between your breasts after the procedure. It is important to note that shrinking breast size and weight does not have a major impact on total body mass. Therefore, seeking additional weight loss is unnecessary following breast reduction surgery. An operation to reduce the size of the breasts can help one to exercise more comfortably, thus leading to long-term stability in weight. Implants may not be needed for this type of procedure, so those who choose not to use them don't need to fear additional extra weight.

Breast Reduction Recovery Time

It is imperative that one week after breast reduction surgery, rest be taken and instructions given by the doctor for medication be followed. Additionally, special care should be taken to make sure that a sports bra which does not provide too much pressure is worn. Heavy lifting should not be done for around four weeks; however, light exercise can begin in the first month of recovery. The general time to go back to full strength after breast reduction is six weeks.

Breast Reduction Price

The breast reduction prices in Turkey, like those in many other countries, vary depending on the region/ destination. Highly skilled surgeons in this country have drawn people from far and wide to seek treatment for physical problems associated with larger chests.Turkey has both Liposuction, a scarless approach, and conventional surgical procedures for reducing breasts size; not to mention that many insurance providers usually cover the financial aspect under certain circumstances. Therefore it is worth enquiring if your insurance company grants free breast reduction services.

Is Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery?

Breast reduction is a form of cosmetic surgery which involves diminishing the size and weight of the breasts.

How Does Breast Reduction Help You?

You can experience both relief from your back pain and improved aesthetics with a breast reduction.

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